Effect of project based instruction on science achievement: an experimental study with 7th grade students

Anteplioğlu, Armağan
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of a project based learning (PBL) for 7th grade science unit titled “Cell and Divisions,” in terms of academic achievement, compared to traditional science instruction. Four groups of students in two schools in Bodrum, Muğla participated in the study in the 2018-2019 Fall semester. The intervention utilized pre and post-test control group quasi-experimental design with retention test where classes were randomly assigned to experimental (PBL) and control (traditional instruction) groups. “Cell and Divisions Achievement Test” was administered prior to, at the end of, and one month after the intervention. The results were analyzed through t-test for independent groups. Post-tests yielded statistically significant difference between the groups in favor of the experimental group in School B and of the control group in School A. In retention test, the experimental group in School B achieved significantly higher than the control group. Gain scores for both post-test and retention test were also analyzed showing that the experimental group in School B performed at a significantly higher level than the control group. Conclusions and implications were discussed in the last chapter.