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Simulations on glow discharge: development and validation of one-dimensional kinetic model by particle in cell/monte carlo collision method

Tiryaki, Özgecan
Numerical codes for glow discharge plasma simulations were developed by using Particle in Cell/Monte Carlo Collision (PIC/MCC) method. The model is one-dimensional in coordinate space and three-dimensional in velocity space (1d3v). A modification of Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method known as null-collision method was used for particle collisions. MPI and sub-cycling were used for speed up. The code was validated using benchmarks for capacitively coupled helium discharges and tested with three-dimensional (3d3v) model of electron swarm in argon. Results of the code were compared with the presented results for radio frequency (RF) argon discharge. Code was further used to study effect of electron reflection at the boundaries for RF helium discharge.