Work of Adhesion of Thin Spray-On Liners

The interface property known as work of adhesion incorporates both adhesion and effective bond width, which are two important design parameters in thin spray-on liner (TSL) support design. The value of this parameter is yet to be recognized by the mining industry and liner manufacturers. The importance of this parameter is introduced in this study. A new methodology using pull-out load-displacement data was developed to calculate the work of adhesion between a TSL and a substrate. Tests were performed using Tekflex as a liner material, which was applied to concrete, granite or sandstone substrate. It was found that a Tekflex liner, when sprayed onto substrates, will likely have work of adhesion values around 777-973 N/m depending on the type of substrate. In addition, for the first time in TSL literature, an effective bond width calculation is introduced in this study. It was found that Tekflex has average effective bond width of 0.7 mm on different substrates. Liner manufacturers should measure and document work of adhesion for their products on a standard substrate.


Assessment of optimum threshold and particle shape parameter for the image analysis of aggregate size distribution of concrete sections
Ozen, Murat; Güler, Murat (Elsevier BV, 2014-02-01)
Aggregate gradation is one of the key design parameters affecting the workability and strength properties of concrete mixtures. Estimating aggregate gradation from hardened concrete samples can offer valuable insights into the quality of mixtures in terms of the degree of segregation and the amount of deviation from the specified gradation limits. In this study, a methodology is introduced to determine the particle size distribution of aggregates from 2D cross sectional images of concrete samples. The sampl...
Design of a tuned vibration absorber for a slender hollow cylindrical structure
Aksoy, Tuğrul; Özgen, Gökhan Osman; Acar, Bülent (Informa UK Limited, 2020-09-01)
In this paper, details of the design work for a tuned vibration absorber to be used on a hollow cylindrical structure is presented. The vibration problem is of resonant type and the tuned vibration absorber is designed to suppress the displacement vibration response of the free end of the slender hollow structure dominated by the contribution of its lowest transverse vibration modes. The structure is modeled using a commercial finite element software. Finite element model of the structure is verified using ...
Design and development of a complex shear modulus measurement setup for viscoelastic materials
Özgen, Gökhan Osman (2005-01-01)
Details of the design and development study of a complex shear modulus measurement setup for viscoelastic materials have been presented in this paper. The new setup is specifically designed for measuring the complex shear modulus of pressure sensitive adhesives. The setup consists of a rigid block that is connected to a rigid fixture through two identical shear specimens of the viscoelastic material to be tested. The rigid block and the shear specimens resemble a single degree of freedom system. Once the fr...
Güner, Doğukan; Öztürk, Hasan (2019-09-14)
Polymer-based products are widely used as load-carrying components in different structural applications due to the ease of manufacture, installation, and long lifetime properties. In mining and tunnelling industry, fast-setting, thin polymer-based products are in demand as an underground support liner. Researchers have agreed that the time-dependent material properties of underground support liners have significance for short to long term applications. Although some creep tests were performed in literature,...
Fracture mechanics interpretation of thin spray-on liner adhesion tests
Öztürk, Hasan (2012-04-01)
Thin spray-on liners (TSLs) are relatively thin (2-5 mm) fast setting liner materials that are sprayed onto rock surfaces to support mining excavations. The adhesive strength between a TSL and a rock surface is an important property controlling the design and performance of TSL rock support systems. In this study, direct pull-off TSL adhesion tests were interpreted based on a fracture mechanics approach. An edge crack propagation equation for a generic case (nu not equal 0.5) was derived and the failure mod...
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