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Examination of differences between three SPT-based seismic soil liquefaction triggering relationships

Çetin, Kemal Önder
Seed, Raymond B.
Kayen, Robert E.
Moss, Robb E. S.
Bilge, Habib Tolga
Ilgaç, Makbule
Chowdhury, Khaled
The preceding companion paper presented the updating of the seismic soil liquefaction triggering relationship of Cetin et al. [1], and compared the resulting updated relationship with the earlier version. In this second paper, a detailed cross-comparison is made between three triggering relationships: (1) Seed et al. [2], as slightly updated by the NCEER Working Group (Youd et al. [3]), (2) Boulanger and Idriss [4], and (3) Cetin et al. [5]. Differences between these three triggering relationships, and the apparent causes of them are examined. Also studied are the impacts of these differences on levels of conservatism with regard to evaluation of liquefaction triggering hazard, and the resulting risks for engineering projects.