Physical space matters: developing social capital for innovation in technopark buildings

Horata, Ahmet Melih
While technoparks are physical spaces where entrepreneurial firms are colocated so that synergies will be borne across them, research about the effects of physical spaces on developing synergies has been scarce. Through semi-structured interview data from employees of firms located in a major Turkish technopark (Technopark M), a grounded theory approach is used to explore the impacts of the physical aspects of technopark spaces on interfirm social capital and its impacts on collaboration. An integrated framework capturing the relationships among physical space, social capital, and innovativeness shows that although there is a positive relationship between physical space and information flow and collaboration, both of which are conducive for the innovativeness of the tenant firms, the physical spaces in Technopark M generally lack in functionality, leading to weak communication and interaction opportunities among the tenant firms, which in turn hinder the collaboration opportunities among them.
Citation Formats
A. M. Horata, “Physical space matters: developing social capital for innovation in technopark buildings,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Science and Technology Policy Studies., Middle East Technical University, 2019.