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A Valuation framework for university patents in Turkey from university’s (seller)and industy’s (buyer) perspectives

Taş, Hamit
Science and technology policies and policy-making processes in Turkey have been changing. One of such changes is the owner of university patents. Turkey legislated a new patent law similar to Bayh-Dole Act of the U.S and universities become the owner of patents. Being the first research on university patents in Turkey this thesis aims to put a valuation framework for university patents from both the university’s (seller) and industy’s (buyer) perspectives and show the differences and similarities between the university and industry. The thesis tries to answer how university patents should be valuated from both university and industry perspectives. Patent value indicators are collected from the literature and separate surveys are conducted to universities and firms. Since there is not sufficient data on university patents, the conjoint analysis method is used. The method is novel for patent valuation. 18 hypothetical patents are created and both parties are asked to evaluate these patents. The research results are used for policy recommendations for both industry and university.