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Investigation of safety culture in the hospitals and the association between safety culture and behaviours

Çınar, Kadriye
Safety culture has been thought one of the underlying reasons of the safety related behaviours and attitudes. Safety culture studies in healthcare area have mostly focused on patient safety. The main objective of this study was to investigate the safety culture in infectious and interior disease clinics of hospitals in terms of occupational perspective. Another aim is to investigate the relationship between safety culture and safety related behaviors of healthcare professionals. It was predicted that culture level would be lying in the reactive and bureaucratic levels. The results supported the prediction except two dimensions about investigation and reporting accidents which were in the bureaucratic and proactive levels. Regression analyses have indicated that safety culture level of education and research hospitals were higher than university hospitals from many perspectives. Also, the analyses has shown the positive relationship between safety precautions training and safety culture. In terms of relationship between safety culture and behavior, only two dimensions have found to be related to behaviours. Difference between jobs group has been also determined; nurses were better than doctors at compliance to safety precautions. The implications of the results were discussed in the light of occupational and patient safety literature. Two different measures were used for this purpose; safety culture matrix and safety precautions questionnaire. A specific matrix was developed for the infectious and interior disease clinics of hospitals by literature survey and semi-structured interviews with doctors and nurses in the fields. Also, Standard Precautions existing in the literature was enhanced by taking the opinions of the field professionals in order to determine the compliance to safety. The both measures were applied to doctors and nurses (N=151) in the university hospitals and education and research hospitals.