Temperature dependence of electrical properties in In/Cu2ZnSnTe4/Si/Ag diodes

Gullu, H. H.
Surucu, O. Bayrakli
Terlemezoğlu, Makbule
Parlak, Mehmet
Cu2ZnSnTe4 (CZTTe) thin films with In metal contact were deposited by thermal evaporation on monocrystalline n-type Si wafers with Ag ohmic contact to investigate the device characteristics of an In/CZTTe/Si/Ag diode. The variation in electrical characteristics of the diode was analysed by carrying out current-voltage (I-V) measurements in the temperature range of 220-360 K. The forward bias I-V behaviour was modelled according to the thermionic emission (TE) theory to obtain main diode parameters. In addition, the experimental data were detailed by taking into account the presence of an interfacial layer and possible dominant current transport mechanisms were studied under analysis of ideality factor, n. Strong effects of temperature were observed on zero-bias barrier height (Phi(B0)) and n values due to barrier height inhomogeneity at the interface. The anomaly observed in the analysis of TE was modelled by Gaussian distribution (GD) of barrier heights with 0.844 eV mean barrier height and 0.132 V standard deviation. According to the Tung's theoretical approach, a linear correlation between Phi(B0) and n cannot be satisfied, and thus the modified Richardson plot was used to determine Richardson constant (A*). As a result, A* was calculated approximately as 120.6 A cm(-2) K-2 very close to the theoretical value for n-Si. In addition, the effects of series resistance (R-s) by estimating from Cheng's function and density of surface states (N-ss) by taking the bias dependence of effective barrier height, were discussed.


Temperature dependence of band gaps in sputtered SnSe thin films
Delice, S.; Isik, M.; Gullu, H.H.; Terlemezoğlu, Makbule; Bayrakli Surucu, O.; Parlak, Mehmet; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Elsevier BV, 2019-08-01)
Temperature-dependent transmission experiments were performed for tin selenide (SnSe) thin films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering method in between 10 and 300 K and in the wavelength region of 400-1000 nm. Transmission spectra exhibited sharp decrease near the absorption edge around 900 nm. The transmittance spectra were analyzed using Tauc relation and first derivative spectroscopy techniques to get band gap energy of the SnSe thin films. Both of the applied methods resulted in existence of two band ga...
Influence of layer on the electrical properties of Au/n-4H SiC diodes
Yigiterol, Fatih; Güllü, Hasan Hüseyin; YILDIZ, DİLBER ESRA (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018-06-01)
In this study, the effect of insulator layer on the electrical characteristics of Au/n-4H SiC diode was investigated. The current-voltage (), capacitance-voltage () and conductance-voltage () measurements were carried out at room temperature condition. Under thermionic emission model, electrical parameters as zero-bias barrier height (), ideality factor (n), interface states (), and series () and shunt () resistances were estimated from forward bias analyses. The values of n and were about 1.305 and 0.796 e...
Thermal and mechanical properties of Cu-Au intermetallic alloys
Kart, HH; Tomak, Mehmet; Cagin, T (IOP Publishing, 2005-07-01)
The thermal and mechanical properties of Cu, Au pure metals and their ordered intermetallic alloys of Cu3Au(L1(2)), CuAu(L1(0)) and CuAu3(L1(2)) are studied by using the molecular dynamics simulation. The effects of temperature and concentration on the physical properties of CuxAu1-x, are analysed. Sutton-Chen (SC) and quantum Sutton-Chen (Q-SC) many-body potentials are used. The simulation results such as cohesive energy, density, elastic constants, bulk modulus, heat capacity, thermal expansion, melting p...
Plastic deformation induced microstructure evolution through gradient enhanced crystal plasticity based on a non-convex Helmholtz energy
Klusemann, Benjamin; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay (Elsevier BV, 2013-09-01)
A gradient crystal plasticity model in the framework of continuum thermodynamics and rate variational formulation is presented for the description of plastic deformation patterning in a system with non-convex energetic hardening. The paper focuses on the extension of the 1D deformation patterning analysis of Yalcinkaya et al. (2011) to 2D for monotonic loading histories. Solution algorithm is based on the simultaneous solution of displacement and plastic slip fields, which have been considered as primary va...
Electrical conductivity and Hall mobility in p-type TlGaSe2 crystals
Qasrawi, AF; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Elsevier BV, 2004-07-02)
Systematic dark electrical conductivity and Hall mobility measurements have been carried out in the temperature range of 200-350 K on p-type TlGaSe2 crystals. The analysis of the temperature-dependent electrical conductivity and carrier concentration reveals the extrinsic type of conduction with an acceptor impurity level located at 0.33 eV, and donor and acceptor concentrations of 9.0 x 10(15) and 1.3 x 10(16) cm(-3), respectively. A hole and electron effective masses of 0.520m(0) and 0.325m(0), respective...
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H. H. Gullu, D. E. YILDIZ, O. B. Surucu, M. Terlemezoğlu, and M. Parlak, “Temperature dependence of electrical properties in In/Cu2ZnSnTe4/Si/Ag diodes,” BULLETIN OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, pp. 0–0, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/44499.