The Impacts of changing administrative system in Turkey on urban and rural areas: example of Malatya

Havlucu Oğuz, Aslı
In underdeveloped, unevenly developing and developing countries; regional inequalities, overgrowing cities, deepening of the distinction between rural and urban, emptying of the countryside, destruction of agriculture and animal husbandry are general and current problems. Since 1980s with rise of urban problems in big cities of Turkey, applicable management models to big cities has been started to search. The Law No. 6360 entitled “The Establishment of Fourteen Metropolitan Municipalities and Twenty-Seven Districts and Amendments at Certain Law and Decree Laws” entered into force in 2012 and lead to big changes in Turkey’s local and central governmental system. With the new 14 metropolitan municipalities, in total 30 metropolitan cities, the boundaries of the metropolitan municipalities extended to provincial borders, Special Provincial Administrations, which are the extension of central government in these cities, were closed down, Investment Monitoring and Coordination Centers has established and village legal entities and town municipalities were abolished and the entire province has been named as city. Before the Law, while the urbanization rate of Turkey was 77.3%, it reached to 91.8% in 2014 with the beginning of implementation of the law. The main issue in this thesis is, to examine how the existing urban and rural problems have changed with the Law No. 6360. In this context, it is evaluated whether such a striking urban development rate is in parallel with the formation of healthy cities in practice and the steps towards the urban character of rural areas. In this respect, the Law No. 6360 is evaluated in terms of requirements of urbanization which are; provision of public services, subsidiarity, effectiveness, institutional capacity, urban development, and the change in the population of rural area and production modes.
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A. Havlucu Oğuz, “The Impacts of changing administrative system in Turkey on urban and rural areas: example of Malatya,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. City and Regional Planning., Middle East Technical University, 2019.