Ionic composition of rainwater on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Tuncer, Pınar
Composition of rainwater is a measure of pollutant deposition to marine and terrestrial ecosystem. Soluble fraction of wet deposited pollutants are even more important because they are bioavailable to fish in the sea and plants on the land. In addition to their harmful effects on plant and animal life, inorganic ions, trace elements and organic compounds in rainwater can also be used as tracers of long-range transport to receptor. In this study, chemical composition of rainwater samples collected at Amasra (Bartın) was investigated Samples were collected by the Turkish State Meteorology Service, at the sampling station located at peripheral of the town of Amasra (41º5’8.23”N, 32º22’58.17”E), between February 2004 and July 2016 (sampling continues, but data that will be evaluated is generated by analysis of samples collected between 2004 and 2016). During this period, wet-only samples were collected using automated rain samplers. Collected samples were analyzed for major ions (SO42-, NO3-, NH4+, H+, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ and Na+). Approximately 820 rainwater samples were collected in this time-period. Analysis of collected samples generated a very large data set, which is very suitable to understand dynamics of wet deposition and source regions affecting ionic composition of rainwater on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. In this study, statistical tools were employed to determine levels of ions and how those levels changed in last 10 years. This information is very important particularly for SO42-, NO3- and H+ ions, because concentrations of SO42- and NO3- decreased approximately 70% in last 30 years in Western Europe, but statistically significant trend was not observed at Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean basin. Trend-analysis was performed to 12-years long data set to determine if there is a statistically significant decrease (or increase) can be seen in concentrations of ions. A source region apportionment was performed using trajectory statistics to determine source regions affecting ionic composition of rainwater at the Black Sea basin.
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P. Tuncer, “Ionic composition of rainwater on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Environmental Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.