Turkey’s refugee policies in mass displacements: the case of mass displacement from Syria

Özertürk, Onur Kutay
This study aims to analyze Turkey’s refugee policies in mass displacement from Syria in the period from 2011 to 2019. Turkey exposed to one of the biggest refugee inflows due to the civil war in Syria and it initially implemented an open-door policy for the Syrian refugees. There are a few important underlying factors for this policy, which are determinative in Turkey’s refugee policy towards refugees. These are basically; requirements stemming from the international law and Turkey’s accession process to European Union, the broad civilizational approach of the government of Turkey, the expectancy on crisis’s temporariness, and undeniable humanitarian imperatives of the crisis. Even though it was initially implemented, the open-door policy was also imposed to several limitations originating from the changing political atmosphere of Turkey, transformation of public opinion, demise of temporariness expectancy, security concerns and increasing burden on resources of Turkey. Therefore, the initial policy exposed to an evolution whereby it was replaced by security based policies.