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An investigation on the Turkish science teachers’ vıews related to education for sustaınable development

Özsoy, Rengin
The main purpose of this study is to explore Turkish science teachers’ views on the meaning of SD and the ESD content of Turkish Science Curriculum in terms of the program content and the implementations. The study was conducted 27 middle school science teachers working in Mamak district of Ankara in March 2016. The data was gathered through semi-structured interviews with middle school science teachers. The study comprised of teachers’ views on SD and ESD, and teachers’ suggestions and practices about ESD in science lessons. The result of the present study showed that science teachers have a view on the content of the concept of SD. However, the study showed that science teachers need to be supported by in-service training on SD and ESD. It has been stated that it should also pay attention to university education of science teachers for an effective ESD. In addition, the teachers' views on the inclusion of ESD in the science curriculum were generally positive. Due to the intense content of the science course, teachers stated that there should be an additional elective course for ESD or that it should be integrated with other courses as an interdisciplinary subject. In conclusion, this study aims to make contributions to development of ESD in science education for a sustainable future.