Fundamentals of cancer treatment service design -considering the healing environment concept : a guideline proposal for Turkey

Cankurtaran, İlkay
Cancer, the second leading cause of death both globally and in Turkey, has become a priority among today’s health problems. With the development of early diagnosis and modern treatment methods, designing appropriate and flexible healthcare facilities to integrate those achievements and ensure high quality treatment has become an essential design problem. Additionally, although there is a widespread belief that patients are uninterested in their surroundings due to the gravity of their illnesses, a considerable number of studies have introduced the ‘healing environment concept’ as a substantial input for healthcare architecture, stating that a great majority of patients are closely interested in and deeply affected by the architectural environment in healthcare facilities. The aim of this thesis is to present a design guide for cancer treatment services that is compatible with both the healing environment concept and the medical applications, health manpower, and cultural habits of Turkey. In this context, studies conducted on the healing environment concept have been analyzed, the legislation of some selected countries for cancer treatment service design have been assessed, and finally, all the data have been filtered and combined with the medical applications and preferences in Turkey’s healthcare system. The resulting design principles are revealed according to the criteria of general settlement principles, internal function relations, medical necessities, patient and family/visitor experience, healthy working environments, interior design, social interaction and privacy, safety, and landscape design and outdoor relations. To strengthen the findings, proposed plans, diagrams and schematic drawings have been used in the narrative.


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İ. Cankurtaran, “Fundamentals of cancer treatment service design -considering the healing environment concept : a guideline proposal for Turkey,” Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2020.