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Exploring gifted students' science homework self-regulation skills.

Berber, Nurda
Education of gifted students is very crucial because these children have different properties from their peers, such as cognitive abilities, talents, and learning strategies. Thus, they need special education with a unique curriculum. Out of schoolwork which is homework should also be differentiated for gifted students. The present study explored gifted students‘ homework self-regulation skills and the effects of gender, grade level, and parents‘ education level on gifted students‘ homework self-regulation levels. Participants of this study consisted of seventy-two 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade gifted students. A survey named as Student Homework Scale (TaĢ, 2013) was the data collection tool of the study. After analyzing the data, it was found that there were no significant differences in homework self-regulation levels of gifted students with respect to gender, grade level, and parent education. It was also seen that gifted students use self-regulation skills such as management strategies, goal orientations, deep learning strategies while doing science homework.