Potential regions for smart specialization: a taxonomy of Turkish nuts 2 regions

Oğuz, Muhammed Özgür
This thesis aims to investigate the potential for regional development of the regions of Turkey. This research was conducted in the context of smart specialization, which is considered the most contemporary and valid regional development approach. In this context, the regions were analyzed under three main headings. Firstly, the sectoral clusters in the country were analyzed by using the distribution of labor force to sectors, and which clusters dominated in which regions were determined. Secondly, the innovation capacities of the regions were analyzed according to valid indicators. Thirdly, the openness of the regions was analyzed. Then, the factors separating and combining the regions were determined according to these three analyzes. Finally, for a meaningful taxonomy, hierarchical cluster analysis was conducted through the factors determined according to these three criteria. As a result, 2 in macro-level, 5 in mezzo-level and 11 in micro level; clusters were obtained in three different scales.
Citation Formats
M. Ö. Oğuz, “Potential regions for smart specialization: a taxonomy of Turkish nuts 2 regions,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. City and Regional Planning., Middle East Technical University, 2019.