Development of a road map and emergency help and detection system for disaster search and rescue operations

Yoncacı, İlker
Despite humanity is advanced so much in information and technology, it is still not able to interfere or change natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic explosions and droughts. Along with natural disasters, caused by immersive improvements made in information technologies, technological disasters are also become a big problem in our societies today. New researches need to be made in order to minimize or completely eliminate the effects of these human-based disasters. There is a common understanding that disasters cannot be avoided and studies had been made to minimize the effects of disasters, to reduce life losses, to bring order back to life as soon as possible and to lighten communal effects. For this to happen, a lot of work force and commitment are needed by search and rescue teams. In this research, the time passed for the search and rescue teams to reach the data of the survivors under the wreckage and how reducing this time affects the actual rescuing process and disaster management politics is being investigated. An innovative model proposed to minimize the search period and make it available for local search & rescue operations especially for first responders. In this thesis; a model is developed from both expert opinions and data from the project. With this model, a recommendation set is produced intended for the technologies used, processes that are applied and policies that are used in disaster management in Turkey. In the last part, suggestions on lessons learned and further studies are explained.


Evaluation of the accuracy of equivalent linear analysis method for seismic isolated buildings
Mutlu, Sezer; Dicleli, Murat; Department of Engineering Sciences (2021-12-1)
Earthquakes have been the leading cause of loss of lives and properties since the beginning of human history. After major earthquakes, we see that even the buildings constructed using modern engineering solutions suffer severe damage or even collapse. Seismic base isolation systems are used to minimize earthquake-induced damage. This thesis focuses on evaluating the accuracy of the equivalent linear analysis method in the analysis of seismic base-isolated buildings. In order to do that, certain buildings wi...
Advancement of Satellite Rainfall Applications for Hydrologic Modeling with Emphasis on Flood Monitoring (FLOODSAT)
Yılmaz, Koray Kamil(2014-3-31)
"Floods are the most widespread and frequent natural disaster responsible for significant loss of lives and property each year. The European Environmental Agency estimated that floods in Europe between 1998 and 2002 caused about 700 deaths, the displacement of about half a million people and at least 25 billion Euros in insured economic losses. As such, one of the four priority areas in FP7 has been identified as triggering factors and forecasting and mitigation strategies for natural hazards. Flood early ...
Satellite Remote Sensing and Hydrologic Modeling for Flood Inundation Mapping in Lake Victoria Basin: Implications for Hydrologic Prediction in Ungauged Basins
Khan, Sadiq I.; Hong, Yang; Wang, Jiahu; Yılmaz, Koray Kamil; Gourley, Jonathan J.; Adler, Robert F.; Brakenridge, G. Robert; Policelli, Fritz; Habib, Shahid; Irwin, Daniel (2011-01-01)
Floods are among the most catastrophic natural disasters around the globe impacting human lives and infrastructure. Implementation of a flood prediction system can potentially help mitigate flood-induced hazards. Such a system typically requires implementation and calibration of a hydrologic model using in situ observations (i.e., rain and stream gauges). Recently, satellite remote sensing data have emerged as a viable alternative or supplement to in situ observations due to their availability over vast ung...
Evaluation of a Hydro-Meteorological Model System for Flood Forecasting of a Mediterranean Basin in Turkey
Kılıçarslan, Berina; Duzenli, Eren; Pilatin, Heves; Yücel, İsmail; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul (null; 2020-05-08)
Floods, which are considered as one of the most destructive extreme weather events, are being more severe issues with changing climate, and they are threatening both human life and property. To address flood hazard issues, this study evaluates the application of a hydro-meteorological model system as an early warning system approach. The Weather Research and Forecasting Hydrological model system (WRF-Hydro), a fully-distributed, multi-physics, multi-scale hydrologic model, has the capability of accurately c...
Assessment Study of 21st Century Drought Conditions at Shasta Dam Based on Dynamically Projected Water Supply and Water Demand
Trinh, T.; Ishida, K.; Kavvas, M.L.; Ercan, Ali; Carr, K. (2017-01-01)
Along with socioeconomic developments, and population increase, natural disasters around the world have recently increased the awareness of harmful impacts they cause. Among natural disasters, drought is of great interest to scientists due to extraordinary diversity of their severity and duration. Motivated by developing a potential approach to investigate future possible droughts in a probabilistic manner based on climate change projections, a methodology to consider thirteen future climate projections bas...
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İ. Yoncacı, “Development of a road map and emergency help and detection system for disaster search and rescue operations,” Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Science and Technology Policy Studies, Middle East Technical University, 2020.