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Investigating modern industrial heritage through value based mapping of Zonguldak central scrubber area

Can, Nilay Nida
With the effect of industrialization, modernism has become a movement that transformed social lifestyle and manufacturing types concerning both urban, architecture, and socio-economic relations. Nevertheless, produced spaces of modernism, particularly industrial buildings, have been abandoned and become idle in conjunction with changing economic and social relations in industrial cities like Zonguldak. On the other hand, modern industrial buildings as a production space exhibit social, spatial, and socio-economic identity transformation of this era. These buildings include various values that can be determined both by users and archival documents. Notably, after 2006 International Day for Monuments and Sites organized by ICOMOS under the industrial heritage concept, conservation of the industrial buildings with their infrastructural systems have become the critical discussion in urban authorities and academic studies which one of them is Zonguldak Central Scrubber. In this dissertation, Zonguldak, as the prominent industrial city of the Turkish Republican Period, is scrutinized profoundly with the central scrubber facility area by using creating mapping techniques within a value-based approach. The obtained information from the archival survey and in-depth interviews with stakeholders helps to reveal the perceived and existing values of the case site and Zonguldak city by comparative and mixed-method research analysis. This data exhibits the unique situation of both an establishment story of Turkey and the formation of Zonguldak city. Also, this study focuses on the effect of industrialization and deindustrialization on urbanization and urban life character. The results of the study are examined in different scales through rhizome, layering, and conceptual mapping techniques within the scope of perceived value. Consequently, this thesis documents the past and current situation of Zonguldak Central Scrubber through perceived and existing value.