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Urban transformation as political and ideological intervention in space: a case study in Diyarbakır

Taş, Dire
This thesis examines urban transformation in old city center of Diyarbakır,Suriçiascase study to discuss thedifferent paths of urban transformation in Turkey. The studyargues thatalthough the phenomenon of urban transformation is predominantlydetermined by the economic reasoning of the neoliberal regimes, it cannot be reduced tothat. The main question of this study is that if the transformation of space in late-capitalism is directly linked with the rescaled position of the state in urban governance,how can we include the primary features of politics in our inquiry of the phenomenon?Based on this question, the thesis bringsSuriçi case from southeast Turkey in order toshow the specificity of political aspects of urban transformation through a sociologicalinquiry.Based on participant observations as well asin depth and semi-structuredinterviews from the field, the studyanalyzes the urban transformation inSuriçi with itsdifferent aspects, implementations, and impacts in order toframe how thetransformation of space is becoming a focal point for the state, which should beconsidered both an economic and a political subject in the era of neoliberalism.