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Technological transformations: the case of industry 4.0 in Turkish pharmaceutical industry

İlhan, Öme
The completion of the technological transformation of all sectors, especially the production sector, is one the most important factor for their survival in today's world where competition is rapidly increasing and new technologies are developing beyond traceability. In order to stay in the race, adapting and internalizing the new technologies that came into our lives with industry 4.0, which recently emerged and became a current issue in a short time, became a necessity. Given the importance of technological transformation, pharmaceutical industry that is one of the world's largest industries and growing continuously (İEİS, 2016), needs to keep pace with this transformation. Through semi-structured interview data from pharmaceutical companies located in Turkey, this study aims to measure the technological readiness of Turkish pharmaceutical companies for the technological transformation within the scope of industry 4.0. Thanks to the interview data examined in five main headings which are awareness, technological situation, pricing and reimbursement processes, changes in the private sector and expectations from the public sector, the situation of the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey in the context of industry 4.0 is determined and the policy recommendations are made for the completion of the technological transformation.