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Investigation of 8th grade students’ science achievement in Turkey: results from monitoring and evaluating academic skills study (ABIDE) 2016.

Çalık, Gü
The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship among attitudinal constructs (interest in science lesson and self-efficacy toward science), demographics (school type, mothers’ and fathers’ level of education), and the 8th grade students’ science achievement. To this end, students’ science achievement score and student questionnaire through Monitoring and Evaluating Academic Skills Study (ABIDE) 2016 which is carried out by Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education were used to examine this relationship. Data were received from General Directorate of Measurement, Assessment and Examination Services. The sample of the study is 3888 8th grade students who participated in ABIDE 2016. This study was designed as a correlational research. According to the results of descriptive statistics, it was found that the mean value of students’ science achievement scores was in the medium level. The results of the one- way ANOVA revealed that students’ science achievement scores significantly differentiated with respect to their school types and mothers’ and fathers’ level of education. Furthermore, the results of multiple regression analysis showed that students studying at a private secondary school instead of a public secondary school, mothers’ and fathers’ level of education, interest in science lesson and self-efficacy toward science significantly and positively contributed to the prediction of students’ science achievement scores. Additionally, the fathers’ level of education appeared as the best predictor of science achievement.