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Factors for firm level learning : a case from the defense industry in Turkey

Akar, Mehmet Furkan
This thesis aims to figure out the main factors affecting organizational learning by using the case of a Turkish defense industry company. This thesis is based on the hypothesis that defense industry companies have both barrier and driver factors for organizational learning. For this end, the literature is reviewed in the area of knowledge, knowledge management, and organizational learning. After the basic research on key elements of organizational learning, a conceptualization study is conducted with forty-six factors that positively affect organizational learning were identified and associated with the literature. The main factors of organizational learning are evaluated through a questionnaire applied to categorized R&D engineers. In order to find the answer to how learning performance can be improved, the semi-structured interview that conducted to ten staff with different experiences and positions in related departments is analyzed. According to the results of the questionnaire and interview studies, it is observed that the firm has many factors supporting organizational learning, but there are also barriers that needed to be resolved. By analyzing both quantitative and qualitative results, strategies are proposed for the firm. After this study, the prepared questionnaire can be used in different studies as a supporting tool. The thesis can be continued in studies that investigate bachelor educations of R&D workers, and comprehensive R&D policy research for the government.