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Changes in the consumption of Ottomans in the eighteenth century

Hoşgör Büke, Sümeyye
This thesis aims to investigate the change in consumption of the Ottomans in the eighteenth century through the analysis of the inheritance inventories. Istanbul, in the eighteenth century, has gone through a different socialization process by the effect of the several internal dynamics, and this study shows the effects of the socialization on the consumption patterns of the ordinary Ottomans. Although it is considered that the change in consumption has been directly linked by the economy, this thesis has revealed the effects of the changing daily routines on the consumption. In short, this study emphasizes the social dimensions of consumption and reveals that the internal dynamics of Istanbul affected the consumer behavior of ordinary Ottomans. This study does not underestimate the effects of political and economic conditions on consumption behavior, rather the aim of the study is to highlight the effects of the economy and politics on socialization and to relate them to changes in consumer behavior. In the light of the inheritance inventories this study concludes that while the outward expansion of the society during the first half of the century triggered the consumption of the particular materials, the period of disappearance faded the increasing consumption of the same materials.