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Development of effective STEM education materials.

Tomaç, Cemre
The aim of this study is to develop STEM Project-Based Learning (STEM PBL) activities for 9th grade level by using ASSURE Model. During the literature research, it was found that there was no systematic material development process in the development of existing STEM PBL activities. To fill this gap in the literature, firstly, the characteristics of STEM activities were determined and ASSURE Model was revised to form these characteristics. Subsequently, with this model, 3 STEM PBL activities were developed. In the literature, it is seen that some steps of the methods of implementing STEM activities in a class are missing. To fill this gap, 10-step STEM PBL activity implementation model was developed by integrating some steps from other models. Research and Development (R & D) method was used in the study. With the iteration process, one of the cornerstones of the R & D method, the second activity was revised with the findings obtained with the implementation of the first activity. Afterwards, with the findings obtained with the implementation of the revised second activity, the third activity was revised. During each activity, one physics teacher and 6 students consisting of 2 low, 2 medium and 2 high achievement level were included. The data collection instruments in the study are semi-structured group interviews with students, semistructured interviews with teacher, and observations made by the researcher in the classroom. Consequently, 3 STEM PBL activities were developed without any problem at the end of the 3 iterations. Lastly, related implications have been proposed.