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Implementations of temporary protection regulation in Turkey: structural causes of rights accession deficits

Karagül, Nihan
With the social and political turbulence brought about by the unprecedented amount of immigration influx into Turkey, considerable academic attention has been directed to the issue. Even though the informative contend gave way to recommending ends and thereby yielded in gradually better versions of the foreigners law in Turkey, the right accession problems have persisted in varying extent. This is why this study tackles with the reasons of the migrants rights accession deficiencies arising out of de-facto implementations of the foreigners law. In this study, these de facto implementations are discussed in relation with the socio-historic structural reasons. In that regard, for identification of de facto implementations a field research is carried out one of the cities where the migrant population is highly dense. Out of the field research three kinds of implementation models are specified. And throughout the thesis, their specific relevance to the structural causes and the right accession deficiencies are discussed.