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An inquiry of space architecture: design considerations and design process.

Yeğen, Ec
Space architecture is a newly emerging field with the focus of designing human habitats for out of the boundaries of Earth. Due to the extremity of the environmental conditions in Space, the architectural product defines the whole accessible environment of the user. In addition, Space habitats are high-risk and high-cost projects, addressing rather unexplored issues. As a result, unquestioned preconceptions or assumptions are needed to be avoided. This situation requires comprehensive research on human – environment interaction. Furthermore, the complexity of the design problem necessitates contribution from various disciplinary fields, calling for interdisciplinary design approaches. It might be argued that hitherto realized designs of Space habitats are under the influence of excessive technical and cost constraints, and being formed by engineering-dominated design approaches. Whereas the inclusion of the architects to the spacecraft design had been to provide an environment to support human well-being, the research area of the field has been expanded since. This thesis is an inquiry of Space architecture through its design considerations and design process, hoping to find potential reflections both on architecture and on Space architecture, in means of design approaches and understanding of human – environment interaction.