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Dynamic resource allocation in virtualized networks for network slicing

Canpolat, Ceren
The developments of 5G wireless technology, enables serving to various vertical industries through sharing a common infrastructure. To this end, multi-tenancy support of these diverse industries are realized on virtualized networks with the help of network slicing. The introduction of sharing brings many challenges such as QoS satisfaction, fairness and performance isolation among slices. The diversity of these slices mainly lies in their data rate requests and user populations. The slices with high data rate traffic requests are often given large number of resources. That resource allocation approach leaves the slice requests for low data rate slices out of the network. Overcoming all of these challenges with an efficient resource allocation approach is the main concern of this work. In this thesis, we propose DUCA (Dynamic User Count Aware) network slicing,a novel resource allocation scheme for virtualized radio access networks (RAN). DUCA’s resource allocation objective is to serve large number of user requests with high resource utilization results in the presence of diverse slice requirements. To this end, DUCA is formulated with an additional user count parameter so that not only requested amount of data rates but also user populations of slices can effect resource allocation. DUCA is compared with other resource allocation schemes under different network configurations. Simulation results show that the proposed DUCA outperforms compared resource allocation methods.