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Unsteady MHD mixed convection flow in a lid-driven cavity with a heated wavy wall

Bozkaya, Canan
The unsteady mixed convection flow under the effect of an externally applied uniform magnetic field is investigated numerically in a lid-driven cavity with a sinusoidal wavy wall. The governing equations given in terms of stream function, vorticity and temperature are discretized by using the dual reciprocity boundary element method (DRBEM) in space and a two-level time integration scheme is employed in time discretization. The simulations focus on the effects of several physical parameters, namely Hartmann and Rayleigh numbers, Joule heating parameter, the inclination angle of magnetic field and number of undulation of wavy wall on the flow and temperature distribution. Moreover, the stability analysis of the numerical method is performed in terms of time increment and time relaxation parameters for various combinations of the problem controlling parameters.