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Effects of mix composition and water-cement ratio on the sulfate resistance of blended cements

Sahmaran, M.
Kasap, O.
Duru, K.
Yaman, İsmail Özgür
This paper presents an experimental investigation on the sulfate resistance of blended cements containing various amounts of natural pozzolan and/or Class-F fly ash. The performance of blended cements was monitored by exposing the prepared mortar specimens to a 5% Na2SO4 Solution for 78 weeks. For comparison, an ordinary Portland cement (produced with the same clinker as blended cements) and it sulfate resistant Portland cement (produced from a different clinker) were also used. In addition to the cement chemistry, water-cement (w/c) ratio of mortars was another parameter selected that will presumably affect the performance of mortars. The experimental results of expansion measurements showed that the effect of w/c ratio was more pronounced for the low sulfate resistant cements with higher C(3)A amounts, while the blended cements were less affected by an increase in the w/c ratio.