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On the Orthogonality of q-Classical Polynomials of the Hahn Class

Alvarez-Nodarse, Renato
Adiguzel, Rezan Sevinik
Taşeli, Hasan
The central idea behind this review article is to discuss in a unified sense the orthogonality of all possible polynomial solutions of the q-hypergeometric difference equation on a q-linear lattice by means of a qualitative analysis of the q-Pearson equation. To be more specific, a geometrical approach has been used by taking into account every possible rational form of the polynomial coefficients in the q-Pearson equation, together with various relative positions of their zeros, to describe a desired q-weight function supported on a suitable set of points. Therefore, our method differs from the standard ones which are based on the Favard theorem, the three-term recurrence relation and the difference equation of hypergeometric type. Our approach enables us to extend the orthogonality relations for some well-known q-polynomials of the Hahn class to a larger set of their parameters.