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Measurement of (nu)over-bar(e)-electron scattering cross section with a CsI(Tl) scintillating crystal array at the Kuo-Sheng nuclear power reactor

Deniz, M.
Lin, S. T.
Singh, V.
Li, J.
Wong, H. T.
Bilmiş, Selçuk
Chang, C. Y.
Chang, H. M.
Chang, W. C.
Chen, C. P.
Chou, M. H.
Dong, K. J.
Fang, J. M.
Hu, C. H.
Jon, G. C.
Kuo, W. S.
Lai, W. P.
Lee, F. S.
Lee, S. C.
Li, H. B.
Liao, H. Y.
Lin, C. W.
Lin, F. K.
Lin, S. K.
Liu, Y.
Qiu, J. F.
Serin, Meltem
Sheng, H. Y.
Singh, L.
Su, R. F.
Tong, W. S.
Wang, J. J.
Wang, P. L.
Wu, S. C.
Yang, S. W.
Yu, C. X.
Yue, Q.
Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik
Zhao, D. X.
Zhou, Z. Y.
Zhu, Y. F.
Zhuang, B. A.
The (nu) over bar - e(-) elastic scattering cross section was measured with a CsI( Tl) scintillating crystal array having a total mass of 187 kg. The detector was exposed to an average reactor (nu) over bar flux of 6.4 x 10(12) cm(-2) s(-1) at the Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Station. The experimental design, conceptual merits, detector hardware, data analysis, and background understanding of the experiment are presented. Using 29882/7369 kg-days of Reactor ON/OFF data, the standard model (SM) electroweak interaction was probed at the squared 4-momentum transfer range of Q(2) similar to 3 x 10(-6) GeV2. The ratio of experimental to SM cross sections of xi = [1.08 +/- 0.21(stat) +/- 0.16(sys)] was measured. Constraints on the electroweak parameters (g(V); g(A)) were placed, corresponding to a weak mixing angle measurement of sin(W)(2 theta) = 0.251 +/- 0.031(stat) +/- 0.024(sys). Destructive interference in the SM (nu) over bar (e) - e process was verified. Bounds on anomalous neutrino electromagnetic properties were placed: neutrino magnetic moment at mu((nu) over bare) < 2. 2 +/- 10(-10) mu(B) and the neutrino charge radius at -2.1 X 10(-32) cm(2) < < r(nu e)(2)> < 3.3 X 10(-32) cm(2), both at 90% confidence level.