Environmental stress factors at work and assessment of energy expendditure in Construction.

Baykal, Mithat


Environmental sensitivities of plant populations and their practical importance. I: A case study on Pinus brutia Ten. Bitki populasyonlarinin cevresel duyarlilik degeri ve uygulamadaki onemi. I: kizilcam ornegi
Isik, K.; Kaya, Zeki (Scientific and Technical research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK, 1990-01-01)
Six Pinus brutia populations from different origins (Sarılar, Doyran, Murtbeli, Bük, Kapan and Hacıbekar) were planted in 4 common garden experiments located at different heights on the Taurus mountains near Antalya. Tree height at age 6 years and the number of growth cycles during the sixth growing season were measured; using these parameters environmental sensitivities of the populations were calculated. The Murtbeli population had the highest environmental sensitivity.
Environmental quality problem in mass housing areas (towards frame of conceptualization)
Yıldırım, Hami H; Günay, Baykan; Department of City Planning (1989)
Environmental applications of hyperspectral anomaly and target detection algorithms
Soydan, Hilal; Karpuz, Celal; Department of Mining Engineering (2017)
The objective of this thesis study is to understand the capacity of hyperspectral anomaly detection and target detection algorithms for contamination mapping, with a focus on developing a new methodology for environmental problems related to coal mining operations. Considering the data availability, specific chemical structure and reflectance properties as well as being one of the common contaminants in mining operations, hydrocarbon induced problems are studied for water and soil medium separately. Having ...
Environmental feasibility analysis of a coal fired power plant project in Gadani, Pakistan
Ali, Syed Muhammad Hassan; Fahrioglu, Murat; Zuberi, Muhammad Jibran Shahzad; Qureshi, Fassahat Ullah (Inderscience Publishers, 2017-01-01)
The electricity demand and supply gap in Pakistan has reached 6,000 MW, for which the Government of Pakistan has planned some power generating projects. Environmental feasibility analysis is done for one of these projects. The Government of Pakistan has planned to build a coal-based mega power plant project of 6,600 MW capacity at Gadani, Karachi. Coal for this project will be imported from South Africa, Indonesia and Australia, even though Pakistan also has huge reserves of coal at Thar, Sindh. CO2 of 208....
environmental recovery of the İzmir inner bay determination of effect of sediment load on bay water quality.
Tekin, Hüseyin; Department of Environmental Engineering (1992)
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M. Baykal, “Environmental stress factors at work and assessment of energy expendditure in Construction.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.