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Assessment of fracture connectivity and potential for CO2 migration through the reservoir and lower caprock at the In Salah storage site

Smith, James
Durucan, Sevket
Korre, Anna
Shi, Ji-Quan
Sınayuç, Çağlar
Fractures are thought to strongly affect the flow of CO2 at the In Salah storage site. In the work presented here, fracture networks at In Salah are characterised and modelled to assess percolation. Available fracture data is considered in the context of general characteristics of other fracture networks and this data is then used to model potential realisations of fracture networks within the In Salah reservoir and lower caprock. Horizontal percolation of fracture networks is highly dependent on fracture length, the proportion of cemented fractures and the properties of the uncharacterised disperse fracture set. However, largely open fractures with length distributions exceeding calculated values will percolate within the reservoir and lower caprock. Injection induced stress changes are assessed with a coupled flow geomechanical model. Both tensile and shear failure of fractures are found to be unlikely but possible given certain combinations of conditions. (C) 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.