The Turkish-Israeli rapprochement in the post-Cold War era
Altunışık, Meliha (Informa UK Limited, 2000-04-01)
The Military and Europeanization Reforms in Turkey
Ünlü Bilgiç, Tuba (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
The Europeanization reforms in Turkey are partly designed to bring about the demilitarization of Turkish politics. However, up to now reforms have not been free from the military's impact. The democracy game is still played in a field whose borders have been delimited by the Turkish armed forces (TAF) and its interpretation of Kemalism. Even when the boundaries of these borders were extended, it was more due to the TAF's self-restraint, motivated by the prospect of membership in the EU, rather than the rest...
The ideology of the Kadro [Cadre] movement: A patriotic leftist movement in Turkey
Türkeş, Mustafa (Informa UK Limited, 1998-10-01)
A dangerous axis: The 'Bulgarian Muftu', the Turkish opposition and the Ankara government, 1928-36
Boyar, Ebru (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
The Cyprus dispute and the United Nations: Peaceful non-settlement between 1954 and 1996
Bolukbasi, S (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 1998-08-01)
In his landmark book on the problems and progress of international organization, Inis L. Claude wrote: “Settlement,” lİke “pacific,” is a relative term. In some cases, the realistic ideal may be not to achieve the permanent settlement of a dispute, but to persuade the parties to settle down permanently with the dispute. The agenda of the Security Council and the General Assembly are liberally sprinkled with items that are beginning to seem like permanent fixtures, quarrels which the United Nations has mana...
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