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Recent Submissions

Avrupa kimliği oluşumunda bir araç olarak futbol: Avrupa Birliği ve UEFA Şampiyonlar Ligi
Şenyuva, Özgehan; Göksel, Asuman; Irgalı, Can (2022-12-01)
The trajectory of a modified middle power: an attempt to make sense of Turkey's foreign policy in its centennial
Altunışık, Meliha (2022-11-01)
This article explores the general characteristics of Turkey's foreign policy in long duree by introducing the concept of a modified middle power. It argues that its historical legacy, the ambiguity of its regional belongin...
Iran’s New Chapter in Cuspness: Linking the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia
Altunışık, Meliha; Göçer Akder, Derya (2022-10-01)
Humanitarian diplomacy as Turkey’s national role conception and performance: evidence from Somalia and Afghanistan
Altunışık, Meliha (2022-10-01)
The Repertoires of Religious Nationalism: The Case of Ismet Ozel
Yıldız, Tunahan; Çengel, Esra (2022-10-01)
This article problematizes the study of religious nationalism, which lacks conceptual, religious, and nationalist "seriousness." These problems of "seriousness" obscure the nature of religious nationalism as they overstret...
Brexit and the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement in comparison: EU principles and practices of governing the neighbourhood
Kahraman, Sevilay (2022-08-01)
Brexit is the recent example of British exceptionalism, namely, accommodating the UK's special position in the EU through differential membership, albeit from outside. UK negotiators initially demanded a 'bespoke' agreemen...
International politics in Turkish Islamism during the Cold War, 1947-1964
Yıldız, Tunahan (2022-07-01)
This article will discuss the early discourse of Islamism on international politics in Cold War Turkey. It brings forth four main findings. First, while Islamists bandwagoned onto the discourse of the Turkish state and the...
The Making of Global International Relations: Origins and Evolution of IR at its Centenary
Yıldız, Tunahan (2022-05-01)
Ethnic and religious nationalism in Turkey: the cases of Atsiz and Arvasi
Yıldız, Tunahan; Kizir, Didem (2022-04-01)
This article compares the ideas of Huseyin Nihal Atsiz and Seyyid Ahmet Arvasi, two iconic ideologues of ethnic and religious nationalism in Turkey, respectively, on the issues of history, identity, and national ideal. It ...
Pharmapolitics in Russia. Making Drugs and Rebuilding the Nation
Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat (2022-04-01)
Mapping relations between state and humanitarian NGOs: the case of Turkey
Bahçecik, Şerif Onur; Turhan, Yunus (2022-02-01)
The relationship between states and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is the subject of differing interpretations. Many observers of transnational civil society have pointed out a closing of civic space, including huma...
Doğu Asya'da Çin'in Çinlileştirme Politikası: Uygur Diasporası Söyleşisi
Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık (2022-02-01)
The International in Turkish Islamist Thought
Yıldız, Tunahan; Çıtak Aytürk, Zana Ayşe (2022-01-01)
© The Author(s) 2022.This study examines Islamist understanding of change in the international system by inquiring into the conception of the international in Turkish Islamist tradition. It relies on a discourse analysis o...
The Challenges to French Colonial Rule in Tunisia: Realpolitik in Mediterranean
Çoban, Mehmet İlbey (2021-12-01)
This research posits the dynamics behind impediments over the French colonial rule over Tunisia in the context of International Relations discipline. In doing so, anarchy notion will be beneficial for explaining the dynami...
Economic Management under the Presidential System of Government in Turkey: Beyond the Depoliticization versus Repoliticisation Dichotomy
Bedirhanoğlu Toker, Pınar (2021-11-01)
Passage to Presidential System of Government in Turkey in 2018 meant a leap in the state’s neoliberal transformation since the 1980s. In the economic field, this led to politicized, centralized and personalized management ...
Geopolitical Visions in Turkish Foreign Policy
ATMACA, AYŞE ÖMÜR; Torun, Zerrin (2021-11-01)
In the last two decades, Turkish foreign policy has undergone a remarkable transformation and Eurasianism, with its anti-Western and pro-Russian rhetoric, has become more visible in the foreign policy practices/activities ...
Cronyism through Financialization: Turkey’s Neoliberal Transformation from Özal to Erdoğan
Bedirhanoğlu Toker, Pınar (2021-11-01)
Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) once hailed rule is criticized today by the ahistoric argument that it revitalized the Turkish state’s rooted cronyism. This article identifies instead the historically specific charac...
Review: Elif M. Babül, Bureaucratic Intimacies: Translating Human Rights in Turkey. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2017, xiv + 230 pages
Bahçecik, Şerif Onur (2021-10-01)
The false promise of global IR: exposing the paradox of dependent development
Aydinli, Ersel; Erpul, Onur (2021-10-01)
Concerned about the continued dominance of Western International Relations (IR) theories, the global IR community has proposed various measures to address disciplinary hierarchies through encouraging dialogue and pluralism...
Developing EU Trade Incentives: A Support Tool for Refugee Self-reliance and Host Community Resilience in Turkey
Kale Lack, Başak (2021-10-01)
Looking at a multi-country and multi-stake holder level, this paper will argue that these mechanisms developed by the EU can provide the necessary instruments for sustainable self-reliance for migrant and refugees. Therefo...
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