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Low-temperature spectroelectrochemistry of tetraethylammonium tris(ethylxanthato)nickelate(II) and bis(ethylxanthato)nickel(II) complexes

Önal, Ahmet Muhtar
Isci, H
Yaman, SO
One-electron constant potential electrolysis of tetraethylammonium tris(ethylxanthato)nickelate(II), (NEt4 )[Ni(S2COEt)(3)] and bis(ethylxanthato)nickel(II), Ni(S-2 COEt) (2) , at their lowest oxidation peak potentials, were followed by in situ UV-VIS spectrophotometry, in acetonitrile at 253 K. In both cases [Ni-III (S2COEt)(3)] complex formed and detected by its electronic absorption and EPR spectra. [Ni-III (S2COEt)(3)] slowly disproportionated to Ni(S2COEt)(2) and the dimer of the oxidized ethylxanthate ligand, (S2COEt)(2) , with a second-order rate law.