Renovation of a safety-inspection methodology for river bridges

River bridges and related infrastructural elements need to be monitored and inspected periodically for deterioration and loss of function due to aging, adverse hydraulic conditions, and chemical attacks. Necessary protective works and related actions should then be implemented to increase safety. Types of items to be inspected would be categorized as structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, and structural material conditions. Requirements for periodic inspections and the ways of handling these activities were discussed within the framework of the aforementioned aspects. Since each bridge authority has its own inspection grading system according to variations in local conditions and the socioeconomic status of the country, a common core methodology should be implemented such that comparisons with different case studies are meaningful. The aim of this study is the renovation of the current inspection system in Turkey, in order to implement it primarily for saving human life, as well as promoting Turkey's economy, labor, and manpower. An algorithm, based on evaluating components of the main body, earth-retaining facilities, and serviceability, as well as hydraulic aspects, is proposed. This renovation enables the identification of rank-based prioritization of events. The evaluation and interpretation steps were displayed with the help of a case study.

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A. M. Yanmaz, A. Caner, and A. Berk, “Renovation of a safety-inspection methodology for river bridges,” Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, vol. 21, pp. 382–389, 2007, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: