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Two-dimensional multi-frequency imaging of a tumor inclusion in a homogeneous breast phantom using the harmonic motion Doppler imaging method

TAFRESHI, Azadeh Kamali
TOP, Can Baris
Gençer, Nevzat Güneri
Harmonic motion microwave Doppler imaging (HMMDI) is a novel imaging modality for imaging the coupled electrical and mechanical properties of body tissues. In this paper, we used two experimental systems with different receiver configurations to obtain HMMDI images from tissue-mimicking phantoms at multiple vibration frequencies between 15 Hz and 35 Hz. In the first system, we used a spectrum analyzer to obtain the Doppler data in the frequency domain, while in the second one, we used a homodyne receiver that was designed to acquire time-domain data. The developed phantoms mimicked the elastic and dielectric properties of breast fat tissue, and included a 14 mm x 9 mm cylindrical inclusion representing the tumor. A focused ultrasound probe was mechanically scanned in two lateral dimensions to obtain two-dimensional HMMDI images of the phantoms. The inclusions were resolved inside the fat phantom using both experimental setups. The image resolution increased with increasing vibration frequency. The designed receiver showed higher sensitivity than the spectrum analyzer measurements. The results also showed that time-domain data acquisition should be used to fully exploit the potential of the HMMDI method.