The use of fly ash in the production of precast cinder concrete blocks.

Camgöz, Basri


The use ofblast furnace slag as concrete aggregate and as a cementing material.
Apaydin, Gunes; Department of Civil Engineering (1974)
The use of rare earth metals in the production of high quality plate steel.
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The use of microfluidization for the production of xanthan and citrus fiber-based gluten-free corn breads
OZTURK, Oguz Kaan; Mert, Behiç (2018-10-01)
Corn gluten meal is an underutilized byproduct due to its hydrophobic nature although it contains high amount of protein. The primary objectives of this study were to enhance the water holding capacity of this protein-rich byproduct with microfluidization technique and use it in bread-making formulations instead of gluten with the addition of different supplements. The increase in stability, surface area, and consequently water holding capacity with microfluidization resulted in the formation of compatible ...
The use of indigeneous clays as bleaching earth for vegetable oil refining
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The use of concrete and wood mixtures against high roof and side pressures.
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B. Camgöz, “The use of fly ash in the production of precast cinder concrete blocks.,” Middle East Technical University, 1968.