Effect of Semi-Geodesic Winding on the Vibration Characteristics of Filament Wound Shells of Revolution

The effect of semigeodesic winding on the free vibration characteristics of filament wound shells of revolution is studied. For this purpose multisegment numerical integration technique is extended to the solution of the free vibration problem of composite shells of revolution which are wound along the semigeodesic fiber paths counting on the preset friction used during the winding process. Sample results are obtained for truncated conical and spherical shells of revolution and the effect of preset friction on the vibration characteristics of filament wound shells of revolution is particularly analyzed. Results show that when the preset friction is increased natural frequencies of higher circumferential vibration modes also increase irrespective of the initial winding angle, and the circumferential bending stiffness stands out as the dominant parameter governing the natural frequencies of higher circumferential vibration modes.


Effect of Microstructure on the Mechanical Behavior of Reactive Magnetron Sputtered Al2O3/TiO2 Multilayer Ceramics
Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi (Japan Institute of Metals, 2008-11-01)
Mechanical characteristics of reactive magnetron sputtered Al2O3-TiO2 multilayer ceramics were studied. Tailored mechanical properties such as moderately high hardness and reasonable toughness were achieved through varying sputtering process parameters resulting in microstructural control at nano-scale. Interchanging Al2O3 and TiO2 layers with a single layer thickness of similar to 65-70 nm were deposited on single crystal alumina (sapphire) substrates to form the multilayer structure composed of 10 layers....
Effect of tube spinning and subsequent heat treatments on strength, microstructure and residual stress state of AISI/SAE type 4140 steel
Gür, Cemil Hakan (Informa UK Limited, 2003-11-01)
In the present study, the effects of deformation percentage (23, 30, 50 and 66%) and subsequent stress relief and tempering heat treatments on the mechanical properties, residual stress state and microstructure of AISI/SAE type 4140 steel tubes manufactured by forward spinning were evaluated. Mechanical properties were determined by means of hardness and tensile tests. The tangential component of the surface residual stresses was determined by a slitting method. Plastic deformation of the metal during spinn...
Effect of Sm on thermal and mechanical properties of Cu-Zr-Al bulk metallic glasses
Sikan, Fatih; Atabay, S. E.; Motallebzadeh, A.; Özerinç, Sezer; Kalay, I.; Kalay, Yunus Eren (Elsevier BV, 2019-01-16)
The effect of rare-earth (Sm) microalloying on the thermal stability and phase selection along with the effect of nanocrystallization on the mechanical properties of amorphous melt-spun ribbons of Zr50Cu40Al10, Zr49Cu39.2Al9.8Sm2 and Zr48Cu38.4Al9.6Sm4 alloys were investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Vickers and nanoindentation hardness tests and micropillar compression analysis. XRD and TEM analyses showed that all samp...
Effect of stacking sequence on free vibration frequencies of laminated composite circular cylindrical shells
Kayran, Altan (SAGE Publications, 1999-05-01)
This study compares the effect of stacking sequence on natural frequencies of cylindrical shells for different end conditions and vibration modes. For this purpose, an analysis of the natural frequencies of laminated composite cylindrical shells is carried out using linear Reissner shell theory with the transverse shear deformation effects taken into account. The governing equations for the free vibration of laminated cylindrical shells are reduced to 10 first-order differential equations involving 10 unkno...
Investigation of the variations in microstructure and mechanical properties of dual-matrix ductile iron by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise analysis
Gür, Cemil Hakan; Erdogan, Mehmet (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
The variations in the microstructure and tensile properties of dual-matrix ductile irons have been investigated non-destructively by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise (MBN) method. Specimens have been intercritically austenitised at 795 degrees C and 815 degrees C for 20 minutes, and then oil-quenched to obtain different martensite volume fractions. Two specimens, namely as-cast and oil-quenched from 900 degrees C, were prepared for comparison purpose. To investigate the effect of tempering, some specimens were tem...
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