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Fatigue and static damage in curved woven fabric carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminates
Tasdemir, Burcu; Çöker, Demirkan (2022-06-01)
Failure mechanisms of curved cross-ply laminates under static and fatigue loading have been studied extensively, but the examination of fabric laminates which are the most commonly used ply type in curved supports in airpl...
Critical Angle and Fundamental Frequency of Symmetric Airfoils at Low Reynolds Numbers
Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (2022-05-01)
The unsteady vortex evolution of NACA 0012 airfoil is numerically investigated at low angles of attack ranging from 0 degrees to 10 degrees where the separation is performed from the trailing edge. The Reynolds number rang...
Single channel digital controller design for a high spinning rate rolling airframe missile
Suicmez, E. C.; Kutay, Ali Türker (2022-04-01)
Spinning/Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM) mostly use an analog (ON-OFF type) control approach that deflects control surfaces (fins) at minimum and maximum positions continuously, and control is achieved by applying phase sh...
Development of a prediction model using fully connected neural networks in the analysis of composite structures under bird strike
Hasilci, Zehra; BOĞOÇLU, Muharrem Erdem; DALKILIÇ, Ahmet Selim; Kayran, Altan (2022-02-01)
Bird strike is one of the most hazardous issues facing global aviation. In the present study, a hybrid methodology is developed utilizing, automated data generation and fully connected neural networks to practically and re...
Discrete Adjoint-Based Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Framework for Natural Laminar Flows
Kaya, Halil; Tuncer, İsmail Hakkı (2022-01-01)
Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., with permission.An adjoint-based aerodynamic shape optimization framework for natural laminar flows is developed. The laminar to turbulent-transiti...
A Two-Level Homogenization Approach for Polymer Nanocomposites with Coated Inclusions
GÜZEL, DİLEK; Gürses, Ercan (2022-01-01)
In polymer nanocomposites, other than the matrix and inclusion, a third phase so-called interphase, is commonly observed. Inter-phase properties affect the overall macroscopic mechanical behavior. It is crucial to model th...
Experimental Analysis and Multiscale Modeling of the Dynamics of a Fiber-Optic Coil
Kahveci, Oezkan; Gencoglu, Caner; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay (2022-01-01)
Fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOGs) are common rotation measurement devices in aerospace applications. They have a wide range of diversity in length and in the winding radius of the coil to meet system requirements. Every dimens...
Design and aerodynamic analysis of a VTOL tilt-wing UAV
Cakir, Hasan; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (2022-01-01)
The aerodynamic design and analysis of an Unmanned Air Vehicle, capable of vertical take-off and landing by employing fixed four rotors on the tilt-wing and two rotors on the tilt-tail, will be presented in this study. Bot...
Multiscale modelling for fusion and fission materials: The M4F project
Malerba, L.; et. al. (2021-12-01)
The M4F project brings together the fusion and fission materials communities working on the prediction of radiation damage production and evolution and their effects on the mechanical behaviour of irradiated ferritic/marte...
Void growth based inter-granular ductile fracture in strain gradient polycrystalline plasticity
Tandogan, I. T.; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay; Ozdemir, I (2021-12-01)
The precipitation hardened, high strength aerospace alloys (e.g. Al 7000 alloy series) suffer from loss of fracture toughness due to the heat treatment leading to intergranular ductile fracture. Depending on the quenching ...
Understanding mechanical failure of graphite rocket nozzle throats under thermal stresses
Nigar, Barış; Dönmez, Serhan; Çöker, Demirkan; Özerinç, Sezer (2021-12-01)
© 2021 Elsevier Masson SASMechanical failure of graphite nozzle throats is a common problem of rocket engines. The extreme operating conditions constitute the main cause of the problem, resulting in thermal shock-induced c...
Weight reduction of an unmanned aerial vehicle pylon fitting by topology optimization and additive manufacturing with electron beam melting
Yilmaz, Fatih; Şahin, Melin; Gürses, Ercan (2021-12-01)
Vortex flow aerodynamics behind a symmetric airfoil at low angles of attack and Reynolds numbers
Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (2021-11-01)
The low Reynolds number aerodynamics is important to investigate for micro air vehicle applications. The current paper covers numerical simulations to present the downstream development of the wake patterns and detailed an...
Edeeb, Seghaer; Akay, Hasan U.; Özgen, Serkan (2021-10-01)
© 2006-2021 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN). All rights reserved.Ice accretion on aircraft components starts when an aircraft flies through atmospheric clouds containing supercooled liquid droplets, which have a t...
The influence of flow forming on the precipitation characteristics of Al2024 alloys
Karakaş, Aptullah; Fenercioğlu, Tevfik Ozan; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay (2021-09-15)
Aluminum alloys are heat treated for better specific strength. In certain cases, an intermediate cold work is applied between solution heat treatment and aging. In this study, a specific tube forming technique called flow ...
Aerodynamic Optimization of a Swept Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade
Kaya, Mehmet Numan; Kose, Faruk; Uzol, Oğuz; Ingham, Derek; Ma, Lin; Pourkashanian, Mohamed (2021-09-01)
The aerodynamic shapes of the blades are still of high importance and various aerodynamic designs have been developed in order to increase the amount of energy production. In this study, a swept horizontal axis wind turbin...
Improvement in the spring analogy mesh deformation method through the cell-center concept
Yang, Yosheph; Özgen, Serkan; Kim, Haedong (2021-08-01)
The mesh deformation method is an important topic in studies involving moving boundary problems. As one of the main approaches, this method has been applied in various related studies. To address the cell inversion problem...
Computational-Experimental Design Framework for Laser Path Length Controller
Fenercioglu, Tevfik Ozan; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay (2021-08-01)
The application areas of piezoelectric materials are expanding rapidly in the form of piezo harvesters, sensors and actuators. A path length controller is a high-precision piezoelectric actuator used in laser oscillators, ...
2D and 3D simulations of dynamic delamination in curved unidirectional CFRP laminates subjected to moment/axial combined loading
Ata, Tamer Tahir; Çöker, Demirkan (2021-07-15)
Dynamic failure of 30-ply curved unidirectional CFRP laminate under quasi-static moment/axial combined loading used in the experiments of Tasdemir (2018) is investigated numerically. 2D and 3D explicit finite element analy...
Conjugate Analysis of Silica-Phenolic Charring Ablation Coupled with Interior Ballistics
Alanyalioglu, Cetin Ozan; Özyörük, Yusuf (2021-07-01)
Because of its excellent insulation capability, the usage of a silica-phenolic charring ablator as a nozzle liner is a common practice in the solid rocket motor industry. During the design of a solid rocket motor employing...
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