Fracture mechanical behaviour of visco elastic materials

NAESER, Bastian
Dal, Hüsnü
Kaliske, Michael
The material force approach is an efficient, elegant, and accepted means to compute the J‐integral as a fracture mechanical parameter for elastic and inelastic materials. With the formulation of a multiplicative split of the deformation gradient at hand, rate‐dependent (visco‐elastic) materials described for example by the physically based Bergström‐Boyce model can be investigated. For these investigations, the so‐called material volume forces have to be computed in order to separate the driving forces acting on the visco‐elastic zone around the crack tip from the driving forces acting on the crack tip itself, representing the crack driving force. To illustrate the effectiveness of this approach, the so‐called dwell‐effect of elastomeric materials is investigated.
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B. NAESER, H. Dal, and M. Kaliske, “Fracture mechanical behaviour of visco elastic materials,” 2007, vol. 7, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: