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Bond Characteristics of Overlays Placed over Bridge Decks Sealed with High Molecular Weight Methacrylate

Shahrooz, Bahram
Gillum, Arnol
Cole, Jeremiah
Türer, Ahmet
The bond strength between portland cement overlays and bridge decks treated with high-molecular-weight methacrylate sealers is examined. The data universally suggest that sealers reduce the available bond strength. However, extra surface preparation techniques, such as light sandblasting of the sealed surface or broadcasting sand over the surface immediately after scaling [at approximately 1 kg/m(2) (20 lb/100 ft(2))], restore the strengths to 80 or 85 percent, respectively, of the unsealed surface. Service-level fatigue testing and loading well beyond the serviceability limit state do not adversely affect the bond strength so long as the sealed surface is treated before the application of the overlay. Therefore, to seal the existing cracks, bridge decks may be sealed if either of the recommended secondary surface preparation techniques is followed.