Dynamics of High Energy Environment: Processes at the Turkish Strait System (DEEP)

Sannıno, Gianmaria
Sözer, Adil
Delfantı, Roberta
Tuğrul, Süleyman
Özsoy, Emin
The Turkish Straits System (TSS) controls the exchange between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. A sound understanding of the circulation and transport mechanisms of this complex system depends on a series of experimental investigations and modelling development that have been carried out. We focus on the characterization of the exchange through the TSS, the influence on the adjacent seas and in particular, the ventilation of the Black Sea by the effluent of Mediterranean water exiting the TSS. Experimental investigations highlighted the fine-scale details of the exchange and the intrusions and mixing of water masses between adjacent basins. High resolution modeling of the TSS is undertaken to assess its transport and mixing properties.