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A Systematic Review of Executive Function and Emotion Regulation Studies in Early Childhood
Üzüm, Sabiha; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-09-17)
This systematic review aims to synthesize findings from studies that presented information on the relationship between executive function and emotion regulation of children between zero and eight years old and expose the ...
Conventional and Nonconventional Parenting Styles Researches Studied within the Scope of Early Childhood Years; A Systematic Literature Review of National and International Studies.
Mumcuoğlu, Ayşenur; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-09-01)
The comparison of pre-service teachers' playfulness traits and attitudes towards educational play regarding demographic traits [Conference session]
ÇİFTÇİ, EZGİ; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-09-01)
Examination of the Relationship between Parents’ Attitudes to Preschool Children’s Sexual Development and Parental Self-Efficacy.
Gümüştekin, ÖZnur; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-09-01)
Examination of early childhood teacher candidate’s subjective well-being and early teacher identity.
Akkaşoğlu, Büşra; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-09-01)
Types and Dimensions of Parent Involvement in Mass Media: An Analysis of Series Child Magazine.
İnönü, Gamzenur; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2021-09-01)
Okul Öncesi Öğretmenlerinin Çokkültürlülük Uygulamaları.
Işıkçı Başkaya, Gözde Nur; Alisinanoğlu, Fatma; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (null; 2019-10-02)
Amaç: Çokkültürlülük; dil, din, ırk, cinsel yönelim, yaş, kültür gibi birçok boyutu içeren bir kavram olarak tanımlanmaktadır. Eğitim açısından çokkültürlülük ise her ailenin özgünlüğü ve onlarla çalışmanın getirdiği etkil...
Investigation of “Forest” Concept in Illustrated Story Books for Young Children
Yalçın, Fatma; Erden, Feyza (2019-09-03)
Investigating “Outdoor Education” course designs for pre-service preschool teachers: A comparison among European countries, Australia and Turkey
Yalçın, Fatma; Cengizoğlu, Seçil (2019-09-01)
In related literature, a number of studies exist that focus on outdoor education in early years from different aspects. Some of the studies focus on the importance of outdoor play in early years in terms of physical, cogni...
Design characteristics of play areas children’s play preferences
Sevimli Çelik, Serap; Çetken, Hatice Şebnem (null; 2019-08-16)
The aim of this study was to investigate the design of preschool outdoor play areas regarding the children’s play preferences while using behavioral mapping method. During the outdoor play time, a total of 102 preschoolers...
“Boys will be boys!”: Teachers’ Views on Bullying in Early Years Which Regard to Gender Differences
Güvelioğlu, Elif; Erden, Feyza (2019-06-23)
Problem Durumu Based on Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, what individuals observe in others and in the media becomes acceptable, or the norm behavior (Bandura, 1973). In addition to children’s learning from their peers,...
Frequency of Mainstream Curriculum Models: Investigation of Early Childhood Education Doctoral Dissertation and International Journals in Turkey
Examining the studies including in-service early childhood teachers’ personal factors affecting classroom management.
Yılmaz, Betül; Tonga, Funda Eda; Sevinç, Eda (null; 2018-11-14)
In early childhood education period, the relationship between teacher and child is significant. Because this relationship impacts children’s development and learning, there should be healthy interaction between early child...
The relationship between pre-service early childhood teachers' environmental education self-efficacy beliefs and tehir attitudes towards sustainable environment
Gülçiçek, Turan; Olgan, Refika (null; 2018-09-07)
Environmental education is one of the fields becoming popular in early childhood education since this period is a basis for all developmental areas and it provides a lifelong learning which results in attitudes, behaviors ...
Mothers’ Reminising Style and their Preschool Children’s Understanding, Remembering, and Learning about Vermicomposting.
Cengizoğlu, Seçil; Olgan, Refika (null; 2018-09-07)
Early Childhood Educators’ Preferences of Science Content Area Activities and Predictions About Science Content Area Activity choices of Students at a Science Fair.
Gülçiçek, Turan; Demirtaş, Seden; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen; Çetin, Mustafa (null; 2018-09-05)
A growing body of research emphasizes the importance of science experiences in early childhood education (Eliason & Jenkins, 2003; Archer et al. 2012; Fleer and Robbins, 2003; Robbins, 2005) since science related activitie...
Early Childhood Education and Care in India: Non-formal Early Childhood Education Services in Anganwadi Centers
Demirtaş İlhan, Seden; Erden, Feyza; Yalçın, Fatma (null; 2018-09-04)
CDS programs has positive effects on health and educational conditions of children. However, non-formal preschool education service which providing in the Anganwadis cannot be reach at expected level. Although non-formal p...
Young children’s social cooperation behaviors while using ICT: a case study
Konca, Ahmet Sami; Erden, Feyza (null; 2018-08-31)
This research focuses on children's social cooperation behaviours during active or passive use of digital technologies. Young children’s behaviours and social interactions around technology have been widely investigated by...
“Oh, I am not a creative person”: Pre-service teachers’ attitude towards creativity andproblem solving
Alıcı, Şule; Sevimli Çelik, Serap (null; 2018-07-30)
Okul Öncesi Dönem Çocukları Hangi Bilim Etkinliklerini Tercih Ediyor?: Bir Bilim Fuarı Deneyimi
Çetin, Mustafa; Cengizoğlu, Seçil; Eryiğit, Sümeyra; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen; Tonga, Funda Eda; Şenyurt, Ezgi (null; 2018-05-05)
Problem Durumu Çocuklar doğdukları andan itibaren yaşadıkları dünyayı keşfetme ve araştırma eğilimindedirler. Şöyle ki, günlük yaşamlarında karşılaştıkları, araştırılmayı ve keşfedilmeyi bekleyen bir çok canlı (kendileri d...
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