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İstanbul Tarihi Yarımada’da ahşap konut mimarisinin belgelenmesi: geleneksel Haydar Mahallesi ve koruma sorunları

Çobancaoğlu, Tülay
Güler, Koray
Güleycan Okyay, Gülce
Haydar Neighbourhood is a prominent heritage site with its authentic historic tissue, urban morphology and traditional character. Also located partly in Zeyrek Mosque (Pantocrator Church) and its Associated Area World Heritage Site - one of the four areas of Istanbul that inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List-, to where it has an intense contextual resemblance. This study aims to determine characteristics and current status of timber civil architecture contributing to the architectural identity. Within the scope of the research; after examining the historical development of the region, analysis and evaluations were carried out to determine the current state of authenticity and conservation issues related to the site. Furthermore, civil architecture within the area which has survived today with preserving its values has been documented in detail with regards to their architectural characteristics such as plan features, facade configurations, construction techniques. Analysis and evaluation of the data obtained in field studies has also been presented as well as the current issues, due to maintain an integrated conservation.