Gender differences in economic experiments

Ergun, Selim Juergen
Garcia-Munoz, Teresa
Fernanda Rivas, Maria
This paper reviews the experimental economics literature on gender differences concerning four salient subjects: risk aversion, trust, deception and leadership. We review both experiments conducted in a laboratory and field experiments. We summarize very briefly the main characteristics of the experiments we review and point out the main results related to gender differences. The vast majority of the articles we have revised document gender differences in behavior; differences which could be explained by sex-role stereotypes which could be formed even in early stages of life and/or hormonal differences such as the female hormone oxytocin or estrogen.

Citation Formats
S. J. Ergun, T. Garcia-Munoz, and M. Fernanda Rivas, “Gender differences in economic experiments,” Revista Internacional de Sociología, vol. 70, no. Extra_1, pp. 99–111, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: