A vision of imperial unity: the temple of Venus and Roma

Güven, Suna


A comperative study in two neighborhoods in Tokyo and istanbul : an architectural and aesthetical analysis
Esen, Yadigar; Erzen, Jale Adile; Department of Architecture (2010)
This master thesis comprizes of a comparative study between two neighborhoods in two different cities: Nezu-Tokyo and Ortakoy-Istanbul. Although two cities that have been chosen seem incomparable in many respects, the study scale –neighborhoodsprovide a deeper apprehension to understand the differences or similarities that the two cultures and their architecture share. In the master thesis, the main factors that form, constitute, and limit the neighborhoods, with the help of the photographical medium, will ...
Atacan, Aylin (2016-01-01)
The philosophy of perception and the process of visuality theories have significant role in today's world. It is surely beyond doubt that when it is come to perception, the first thing that comes to mind is strongly related with senses. Every human sense scrutinizes carefully from different fields of disciplines. By means of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching maybe tasting, we can designate the space and insert into space. In addition to this experience, any changes in this place which we specified our per...
A Critical Review Of The Roman Atrium House: Reading The Material Evidence On “Atrium”
Kavas, Kemal Reha (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2012-12-1)
Roma konut mimarisinde öne çıkan yapı tipi olan atrium evi, uzun bir süre boyunca Vitruvius’un metinlerine dayalı yazılı tanımlamalar çerçevesinde incelenmiştir. Buna karşın son yıllarda Roma atrium evi kapsamındaki tarih yazımı arkeolojik buluntuların artışı ve bu kaynakların değerlendirilmesindeki teknolojik gelişmeler ile birlikte dönüşüm geçirmektedir. Yazılı kaynaklara dayalı tanımlamalar yerini mimarinin fiziksel kaynaklarına eğilen ve mimari elemanlar ile birlikte evin mekânsal kurgusunu dikkate alan...
A survey on photographic representation in architectural magazine covers : covers of Arredamento-Mimarlık
Sert, Gül Berrak; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2006)
This study has an aim of exploring how a Turkish architectural magazine, Arredamento Mimarlık, communicates itself to the reader by its cover designs. Since, representation is a tool for architects to transmit ideas and express positions in the discipline of architecture, usage of representation in architectural media has a critical role to promote the communication in architecture. The theoretical framework of the research based on the photographic image investigation of Roland Barthes. In the light of thi...
An appraisal of curvilinear forms in architecture with an emphasis on structural behaviour : a case study on channel tunnel railway terminal at Waterloo
Çıngı, Tuba; Savaş Sargın, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2007)
Architectural curvilinear form has been on the scene since the time of the first building shelters. Curve is the most common form in nature. This phenomenon inspired human beings while they are building structures. Curvilinear form has developed over centuries, via structural enhancements and aesthetic tenets. A symbolic meaning is tailored to curvilinear structures such as use of domes in religious buildings. However, the difficulties in the construction process of these forms have been a challenge for peo...
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