Spectroscopy of the ODD-ODD nucleus 76As and its supersymmetric description

Hoyler, F.
Jolie, J.
Colvin, G.G.
Börner, H.G.
Schreckenbach, K.
Van Isacker, P.
Fettweis, P.
Göktürk, H.
Dehaes, J.C.
Casten, R.F.
Warner, D.D.
Bruce, A.M.
Gamma rays and conversion electrons following thermal-neutron capture in 75As have been measured using the Ge pair spectrometer PN4, the bent crystal spectrometers GAMS and the β-spectrometer BILL at the ILL. Coincident γ-rays were recorded at the CEN/SCK Mol, and average resonance capture at En = 2 and 24 keV has been studied at the HFBR of BNL. The neutron binding energy in 76As was determined to be 7328.498 ± 0.075 keV. The resulting level scheme for 76As greatly improves the knowledge on this odd-odd nucleus. The low-lying positive-parity states are discussed in the U(5) limit of the Uv(6/12)⊗Uπ(6/12) supersymmetry using the same hamiltonian to describe the quartet 76Se-77Se-75As-76As having the same total number of bosons plus fermions.

Citation Formats
F. Hoyler et al. , “Spectroscopy of the ODD-ODD nucleus 76As and its supersymmetric description,” Nuclear Physics A, vol. 512, no. 2, pp. 189–216, 1990, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/51356.