Matrix analysis of folded plates.

Beytekin, Özcan


Matrix quantization and mixed excitation based linear predictive speech coding at very low bit rates
Özaydın, Selma; Baykal, Buyurman (Elsevier BV, 2003-10)
A matrix quantization scheme and a very low bit rate vocoder is developed to obtain good quality speech for low capacity communication links. The new matrix quantization method operates at bit rates between 400 and 800 bps and using a 25 ms linear predictive coding (LPC) analysis frame, spectral distortion about 1 dB is achieved at 800 bps. Techniques for improving the performance at very low bit rate vocoding include quantization of residual line spectral frequency (LSF) vectors, multistage matrix quantiza...
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Ö. Beytekin, “Matrix analysis of folded plates.,” Middle East Technical University, 1971.