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Column fractionation of partially stereoregular poly(propylene oxide)

Alyürük, Kemal
Hartani, Khaled
A column packed with glass beads has been used to fractionate partially stereoregular poly(propylene oxide) (PPO). PPO was first crystallized onto the glass beads from isooctane solution by stepwise lowering the column temperature. Each layer of PPO, which was deposited at different temperature ranges, was extracted by washing the beads with several columns full of isooctane. Thus several fractions differing in both stereoregularity and molecular weight were obtained by progressively increasing the extraction temperature and the solvent residence time in the column. It is concluded that in the procedure described above PPO can be fractionated on the basis of structural and steric regularity. The observed steady increase in the molecular weight of fractions with extraction temperature was interpreted as being due to the fact that the stereoregularity of chains increases with their molecular weight.